Esoteric Gaming

Extraordinary Feats of Player Practice (in Pursuit of the Perfect Game)


Call for Authors / Editors / Illustrators / Reviewers / Comrades

If K-Mart’s story or the stories in the first issue get you excited, if you have other stories you want to share, if you have mad layout or illustration skills you want to lend, if you’ve been hoping to break from traditional academic publishing, if you want to celebrate awe-inspiring stories from our loved hobby, contact us and propose something!

We seek short works that detail crazy esoterica in gaming: accounts of gaming practice that celebrate the nuanced and diverse nature of tiny sub-cultures in gaming. This is informal with no deadlines and light peer and editorial review. No research, no conclusions, no methods section; just detail. Pretend you’re at dinner with friends or family and they ask, “what’s something cool you’ve seen in your gaming life?” What would you say?

You can submit a topic idea, or if you have a draft of something to send, contact us!